Ordering procedure & purchase policy

> Waiting period, delivery time
I make a limited number of guitars each year. The waiting period varies, but currently is approximately 4 months. The probable delivery date is marked on the order. I will do my best to deliver by this date, but this date should not be taken as a deadline. If I am unable to meet the delivery date, I will notify you as soon as possible.


> Prices and deposits
The actual base prices of models are published on my web site (www.castelluccia.com). The price of the guitar includes a non refundable deposit. The deposit for all models is 20% per guitar.

The balance is due upon completion and before delivery of the guitar.

All transactions must be in EUROs, cash, bank transfer. When another currency is used, J.Castelluccia Guitars will charge the customer an additional administration cost of 25 EURO’s.


> Shipping costs
Shipping costs and export/import regulations are the responsibility of the customer/owner. I insure all shipments (limited at 1500€ when the customer choose the French Post Service (International Colissimo)

The goods travel at the risks and the dangers of the customer.


> Payment
Payment of the guitar and/or accessories, including shipping costs, must be made before delivery. I will notify you beforehand about the actual total cost when the guitar is ready to be shipped. The total cost will consist of the price of the guitar (minus the deposit) plus the shipping costs. We will ship the guitar after we have verified receipt of the payment.


> Warranty
My instruments are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 12 months (4 seasons).

– I will not cover damages due to fair wear and tear, abuse, neglect, extremes of temperature, humidity, or natural disasters. (to the judgement of J.Castelluccia Guitars)

– malfunction due to other reasons than faulty material or manufacture will not be included in the guarantee conditions

– periodic maintenance is the responsibility of the owner and is a condition of warranty.

– repairs or alterations not performed by myself risk cancellation of this warranty.

– shipping expenses are the responsibility of the customer/owner.

Since climatic conditions in your area may differ greatly from those under which adjustment was set I recommend following:

– a solid hard case of a good quality is a must for your instrument

– the most critical factor is the change of temperature and air humidity. This might cause deformation, even cracks in soundboards and/or back and sides. Pay more attention to those factors in winter please !

– abstain from radiating heat !

– do not leave your guitar neither bare nor in a case exposed to the sun e.g. inside a car, never ever leave it near car windows.

– do not expose you guitar, bare or in a case, to the frost, if you can’t do otherwise let it become slowly acclimatized.

– a place with minimum air humidity of 45% is highly recommended. Optimal humidity is between 45-65%.

– clean your instrument with only friendly cleaning agents based on natural materials.

– your guitar is setup with 0.11 strings. Do not use heavier gauge strings.


> Personal, physical damage
J.Castelluccia Guitars can not be held responsible for any personal , physical damage or injury caused by malfunction or improper use of the guitar.