The choice of the soundboard is one of the essential steps. It is experience and intuition that allow Jean-Baptiste to choose the wooden soundboard. The spruce used comes from French mountain regions (western slope 1300m altitude). Initially, the soundboard is carved arch just like that of a violin. Jean-Baptiste affine the soundboard with a squeegee in some areas. Once the spectrum of the soundboard done, he checks using a comparison of the different thicknesses.

The next step consists in superimposing a rosette tower on the external part of the soundboard To do this, Jean-Baptiste realizes a rebate on the table to receive the marquetry of the Rose (set of thin strips of various colors placed side by side) .Once the rosette made, it will be embedded and glued into the rebate.

Then comes the bracing construction phase. Each indoor bar constituting the famous bracing is calibrated and adjusted on the soundboard. They will be glued against a mold matching the curved shape of the soundboard by a particular system of bonding. Glued inner bars, Jacques then proceed to profiling each.

The soundboard is completed, it will be ready to be glued on the sides. It is important to note that each maker has his own way of conceiving the soundboard and that is what determines the personality of each. Optimal development of the soundboard is often the result of several years of research.