Softcase FX for Classical & Flamenco guitars

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Hiscox Case Pro II GCL for Classical & Flamenco guitars
Hiscox Case Pro II GCL for Classical & Flamenco guitars

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  Highly protective, light weight guitar case. Features include composite double molded construction with a 2 mm impact / crush resistant ABS outer shell bonded to an inner moulding of semi-rigid cellular foam to absorb impact energy. The padded interior is lined with silver-grey velour and has an ample accessory box. There is also an aluminum perimeter valence to increase shell rigidity and provide an extra secure attachment substrate for the latches and hinges. In addition to the impact protection, the inner cradle also provides excellent thermal protection. There is also a comfortable handle as well as D-rings for a shoulder strap (not included).   [badge bgcolor="#982b31" value="Available on order"]  
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